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76 x 56 cm



21" x 9.5"

Coloured Pencil

Free Spirit - 18" x 36" - Oil on Canvas

Kate Jenvey

Artist Statement

To say that I am inspired by nature is an understatement! From my early childhood spent in East Africa, nature has been an amazing example of wonder and excitement and has led me to have great respect for the natural world. The power, the dynamic beauty, the drama and the quiet of the wild are all ingredients that I love to explore with my art.

By using pencils, both coloured and graphite, this fundamental medium allows me to capture the detail, all the nuances and intricate structures that form these amazing creatures in a realistic and precise style that honours nature’s beauty.

With my oil painting I can use a looser style and larger format, a lovely balance for the pencil work.

With the constant changes in our world, my art preserves a special moment in nature that has touched my soul, bringing me immense enjoyment and this I love to share with others.

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